Six Best Star Wars RC Toys in 2023

Star Wars RC Toys
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The star wars RC toys franchise has been a beloved classic for decades, and now you can bring the galaxy far, far away home this holiday season with some amazing star wars rc toys. Whether looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or a larger gift for the Star Wars fan in your life, these Star Wars RC toys are sure to make this Christmas one of the best yet.

Star Wars RC Toys are the perfect gift for anyone who loves Star Wars and robotics. Whether you’re a fan of classic movies or a fan of the newest ones, these toys will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. With such a wide selection to choose from, finding the best star wars rc toys for this Christmas can be difficult.

Best Star Wars RC Toys

The Star Wars franchise has been a long-standing favorite for fans of all ages. Not only can fans enjoy the movies, but they can also bring the iconic characters and vehicles into their own home with amazing remote control (RC) toys! If you’re looking for the best star wars RC toys available today, then look no further than this list. From efficient X-Wing Fighters to awe-inspiring Imperial Walkers, these products are sure to please any fan of the Star Wars universe.

1. Star Wars – Remote Control BB-8 Droid – 2 Speed – 6 Inch

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Star wars RC toys fans are sure to love this amazing remote control BB-8 droid. This 6-inch, two-speed RC toy is equipped with realistic sounds and phrases from Star Wars movies. It can rotate 360 degrees and its head will remain upright while the body rolls in any direction you command it.

The BB-8 is designed for both indoor and outdoor playtime, so you can take your Star Wars experience into the real world! With two speed options, you can take it slow for indoor play or turn up the power for outdoors. The remote control also features LED lights that light up when you press a button on the controller. This allows you to keep track of your droid even in low-light conditions.

Are you a Star wars RC toys that are ready for an epic adventure? You can now join the rebellion with your own remote control BB-8 droid. This trusty little sidekick is sure to make your day-to-day life more exciting and fun.

The remote control BB-8 droid is modeled after the beloved character from the hit movie series, Star wars RC toys: The Force Awakens. With its detailed design and realistic movements, it’s almost like having your very own astromech companion! The unique spherical shape allows it to move in any direction while avoiding obstacles and exploring new areas. Plus, you can even use its LED lights to create dynamic lighting effects as it moves through the room.

Whether you’re a diehard fan or just looking for something new, these one-of-a-kind Star wars RC toys are sure to make every day an adventure!

Brand1616 Holdings
Animal themeRobot
Toy figure typePlay Figure
Cartoon CharacterStar Wars

2. R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

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For many Star Wars fans, the R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid was a must-have item. The Star wars RC toys were an officially licensed product of the Star Wars franchise and allowed fans to control their own robotic version of the iconic character from their smartphone or tablet. It was a fun way to bring the beloved droid into homes around the world.

Unfortunately, Lucasfilm and Sphero, the company that made this amazing remote-controlled toy, announced that it has been discontinued. This means that those who wanted one will no longer be able to get their hands on it. But while they may not be available in stores anymore, they are still highly sought after by collectors online – so if you’re lucky enough to find one for sale then you’ll want to act fast!

Do you want to relive your childhood dreams of becoming a Jedi? Well, now you can with the new Star Wars RC Toys. This amazing new range of remote-controlled robots brings the world of Star Wars to life with authentic movement and sound effects that bring your favorite characters to life.

The R2-D2 robot is one such toy that allows you to control it with your device or manually adjust its stances from bipod to tripod. Additionally, this robot can perform emotive waddles when triggered by its controller. With integrated speakers and LEDs, this bot comes alive as it blinks, wobbles, and produces classic sounds from the movies! Best of all, these toys are suitable for kids aged 6 years old and above so adults can also join in on the fun.

ThemeStar Wars
Cartoon CharacterStar_wars
Assembly RequiredNo

3. Mandalorian Star Wars The Baby Yoda The Child in Pram 

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The infant in the pram known as “The Child”, or Baby Yoda, has become an iconic character of the popular Mandalorian series set within the Star Wars universe. The adorable little creature is now immortalized for every fan to enjoy with a range of Star Wars RC toys inspired by The Child from the show.

Young and old fans alike can recreate scenes from their favorite episodes with these incredibly detailed action figures. Each toy features its own unique design and features, such as sound and light effects that are sure to bring the galaxy far away even closer. With poseable arms and legs, you can customize your collection with different poses for each figure! They also come equipped with their own accessories – just like in the show – including backpacks and miniature versions of other characters.

The infant in the pram known as The Child, or Baby Yoda, has become an iconic character of the popular Mandalorian series set within the Star Wars universe. The beloved Baby Yoda craze has made its way into the realm of star wars rc toys and fans are loving it! From cuddly plush dolls to robot action figures, there is something for every fan who wants a little piece of this adorable creature.

These star wars RC toys feature all the latest technology. Kids can program their robots to complete missions with voice commands and even battle against each other on a virtual battlefield! Plush dolls come with sound effects and light-up eyes when touched and shaken. Even adult collectors have been drawn in by these incredibly detailed “life-sized” versions of Baby Yoda, which look like they could walk right out of the show.

Age Range (Description)Kid
Control MethodRemote

4. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75257 Building Toy Set for Kids

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LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75257 Building Toy Set for Kids is here to make your child’s galactic dreams come true. With over 1,400 pieces, this set provides hours of fun and creative play as kids can build their own iconic weapon of the Star Wars universe. The detailed model features intricate exterior detailing, a cockpit for two Minifigures, two spring-loaded shooters, and even a detachable escape craft! The set also includes six minifigures with various weapons to help recreate scenes from classic films.

The beauty of the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75257 Building Toy Set lies in its versatility and adaptability. Once completed, kids can attach it to any existing remote control base or use their own power sources to bring the ship to life with lights and sound effects.

Introducing the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75257 Building Toy Set for Kids! It is here to make your child’s galactic dreams come true. With over 1,400 pieces, this set provides plenty of space for their imagination and creativity to shine. Perfect for any Star Wars fan in your family, this set allows kids to build a replica of Han Solo’s iconic spaceship. This set includes 5 mini figures with weapons – Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 – as well as a buildable Porg figure and 2 buildable Caretakers. The detailed cockpit comes equipped with seating for everyone on board and even features a dashboard display with sound effects! Kids will love recreating epic scenes from the Star Wars movies or creating their own adventures as they explore galaxies far away!

SizeOne Size
Included ComponentsLEGO Building Elements

5. Star Wars L0-LA59 (Lola) Droid Toy, OBI-Wan Kenobi Series

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Star Wars fans rejoice! The beloved L0-LA59 (Lola) droid toy is now available as part of the OBI-Wan Kenobi series. This remote-controlled toy is perfect for any Star Wars enthusiast looking to recreate the exciting scenes from the classic franchise.

This highly detailed remote control droid is modeled after Lola, a character featured in the OBI-Wan Kenobi series. True to its onscreen counterpart, this toy features an impressive array of functions and controls such as forward and backward movement and a rotating head; making it ideal for recreating iconic moments from the movies. The controller also has an LCD display so users can easily monitor their robot’s movements. Its realistic design makes it a great collector’s item or gift for any Star Wars fan!

BrandStar Wars
Age Range (Description)4+ Years
ThemeGift, Disney, Movies
Cartoon CharacterL0-LA59 (Lola)

6. Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit 

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The Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit is a fun and exciting way to learn coding basics. This kit comes with everything you need to build your own wand and then use it to play coding challenges. With the wand, users can cast spells, solve puzzles, create music and make art. It also includes step-by-step instructions for building the wand from scratch and connecting it to a computer or tablet via Bluetooth. Plus, you can link the wand up with your favorite star wars RC toys for even more interactive gameplay!

This kit is perfect for anyone looking to get into coding or improve their programming skills. The step-by-step instructions make it easy enough for beginners while experienced coders will be able to hone their skills further by experimenting with different commands.

Age Range (Description)6 years & up
Educational ObjectiveCoding Skills
Sub BrandHarry Potter

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Star Wars RC toys are a great way to bring the Star Wars universe into your home. They offer hours of fun and entertainment for anyone who loves Star Wars and its characters. With so many different models available, you can pick one that best suits your needs. Plus, you can use these toys for both indoor and outdoor play. Whether you’re a Star Wars enthusiast or just looking for a fun toy, these RCs are sure to provide hours of entertainment.